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Billion market cap stocks with >=3% dividend yield

By Ernest Lim

Billion market cap stocks with >=3% dividend yield

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Business Times has an interesting article published today “High-yielding billion-$ stocks go beyond STI”. However, I noticed in the article, it did not list all the stocks with market cap >=S$1 billion and dividend yields >=3%.

Therefore, I have sourced data from Bloomberg and have compiled a list of Singapore listed stocks with the following criteria:

a) Market capitalisation in SGD terms >= S$1 billion;

b) Estimated dividend yields >= 3%.

Furthermore, I have sorted the stocks with the above criteria, sorted by total potential return (i.e. Potential capital gain + estimated dividend yield). Table 1 lists the top 5 stocks from this compilation. [My clients and readers who are on my website sign-up list will receive the full list of compilation]

Table 1 - Top 5 stocks with the above criteria, sorted by total potential return

Figure 1

Source: Bloomberg as of 12 June 2017

Some noteworthy points, as usual

2. Average analyst target prices and estimated dividend yields may be subject to change anytime.

3. The above is for reference only. Readers should exercise their independent judgement and take into account of their percentage invested, returns expectation, risk profile and current market developments.

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Ernest Lim
Ernest Lim

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