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Become a better Warrant trader

Macquarie relaunches Singapore's leading warrant website, The aim of the new website is to provide an interactive experience for investors and ultimately, to make warrants easier to understand.

In addition, Macquarie will become the first issuer in Singpore to publicly disclose the net buy and sell flows in our warrants. Now you can see what other investors are buying via our new "Moneyflow" tool.

Macquarie Warrants
The new website is packed with features to make you a better trader, including:
  • Moneyflow - Macquarie is the first issuer in Singapore to publish our net buy and sell flows for warrants. See which warrants investors are putting their money into. Moneyflow Tool
  • End-of-day insights - An end of day commentary on warrant market action and insights into which warrants other investors are buying and selling. End-of-day insights
  • Today's Top Picks - The first thing you see on the homepage, it shows Macquarie's top warrant highlights. Includes a chart and commentary on recent activity.
  • Tips and mouseovers - The new website has been designed to be very easy to use. We have included "Tips" to follow on each page and mouseover descriptions for the warrant terms used throughout the site.
  • Interactive education - Learning about warrants can be fun. The new education section should answer all of your warrant related questions. There are also links throughout the website to this new feature. Interactive education
  • Warrant Portfolio - Create a warrant portfolio, watchlists and set alerts and email reminders based on customised parameters to let you know when its time to trade.
  • Warrant charts - Our new charts follow the bid prices, rather than the "last trade" as with conventional charts. This allows you to accurately follow the performance of the warrant "live in real time.
  • Our Daily Trader Newsletter has also been upgraded to include the end-of-day insights commentary. The only market commentary in Singapore offering you an insight into which warrants investors are buying and selling on a daily basis.
Keep up to date with the market. Visit our new website now!